4KCopywriting.com was conceptualized to provide content that is clear, concise, and creatively written so that it connects with your customer base.  Whether you run a small business, eCommerce brand or a service based agency, we understand that you have a unique message to communicate to your target audience.  How it's told can make all the difference in the world.

We'll help you achieve your branding goals from idea to execution by working closely together, ensuring that we have a complete understanding of what makes your products (or services) unique and distinctively better. 

Together, we'll find solutions that communicate directly to your readers - producing positive results while giving you an edge over your competitors.

Craig is a freelance copywriter, founder of 4K Copywriting, and to some (mainly him), a creative genius.  He possesses more than a decade of experience in developing effective marketing and product based content for an assortment of retail & eCommerce brands.  Outside of work, Craig enjoys traveling, photography and jumping out of perfectly good planes.

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