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Are your products still sitting on the store shelf? Are you customers "forgetting" to click the 'add-to-cart' button?

Let Me Help.

Here at (formerly, the goal is to provide brands and sellers with clear, concise, and engaging content that converts. If you're looking for creatively written copy that connects with your target audience... You're in the right place.


Whether you're a manufacturer, run a small business, or an eCommerce storefront, we understand that you have a unique message to convey. How that message is told can mean the difference in generating a sale or giving your competition undeserved attention.

Hi. I'm Craig, a creative genius... uh hmm... copywriter who turns underperforming product copy into high conversion content.

When I'm not creating verbally stimulating content for companies, I'm taking breathtaking portraits, traveling or jumping out of perfectly good planes.

I possess more than a decade of experience in developing product based copy for an assortment of retailers, eCommerce brands and Amazon sellers.


Yes, I'm a freelancer writer. However the difference between me and your typical copywriter or content mill is... I'm invested into your long-term success. I do more than simply create a bunch of pretty words designed to impress you.

  • A) It's not about you. It's about the customer.

  • B) Pretty words don't equate to sales.


I do actual research. Find pressure points. I'll examine what makes your product/service special. Look for creative ways to communicate your features/benefits. Most importantly, I'll discover what makes your target audience want to purchase items like yours and then create content designed to lead them towards a desired action. 

From idea to execution, I'll help you achieve your content related goals. And together, we'll find solutions that'll help grow your line of products and services.

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