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Are you an Amazon seller with less than satisfactory results?

 Have your sales been negatively affected by price-driven competitors with inferior products? Are your listings not receiving the visibility they deserve in a constantly growing marketplace? 


"Truth is, the Amazon marketplace isn’t gonna slow down for you. You either stay ahead of your competitors or they stay ahead of you."

  • First… The Bad News: The world’s largest online retailer (Amazon) will only continue to grow, and having approximately 2.5 million active sellers, competition will only increase.

  • Now… The Good News: Roughly only 33% of those sellers have optimized listings. Knowing this information and being proactive about upgrading your listing content will automatically give you a competitive advantage.


However, sprinkling well-placed keywords throughout your product page isn’t quite enough to take a simple “wait and see” approach. And even if it were, generating traffic and exposure is still not enough to win you the buy box.


It takes a combination of deliberate sales copywriting techniques, branding tools and ‘Amazon specific’ SEO know-how to set your products apart from the rest.

Amazon SEO Gimmicks

Whether you’re experienced or new to selling on Amazon with FBA, you’ve probably been flooded with optimization planners and keyword tools. And while some of these things can work if properly utilized, many of these so-called tools are designed to sale additional applications and services. Ultimately, well-intentioned sellers end up failing from a lack of understanding or go on to purchase those added-on services at a premium cost. In other words, they lose money, to spend more money, to “possibly” make some money. This is not an ideal way to become a top seller on Amazon.


Amazon Content Creators

The problem with the average freelancer is, most of them have a very limited understanding of how the Amazon marketplace actually works. While creating content, they fail to adhere to Amazon’s rules/restrictions for writing product pages. Many are excellent wordsmiths, but forget that when writing for e-commerce, “writing simply means simplifying the buying process.” Maybe they even lack the ability to understand the mindset of the avg Amazon shopper, thus creating content that falls flat, resulting in poor conversions.

My goal is to provide clients with clear, concise and verbally stimulating content that connects with target audiences and leads them towards the 'add-to-cart' button.


Why Me?

Not only do I possess the copywriting experience and know-how to effectively create unique product listing optimization content that compels customers, but I also have a clear understanding of how the A9 (Amazon algorithm) works in relation to visibility and ranking. I’ll provide you with listing content that gives it the attention it deserves, while engaging shoppers with copy that leads them towards a desired action (also known as buying your products).


But that’s not all you get. You’ll be working with someone who will invest the time into understanding your company, branding goals and line of products. And most importantly, I'll take the time to understand you target audience so that they can buy with confidence.

“Craig was great to work with! He’s very professional and works through ideas and talks through trhe process and design decisions.”

Tristan David

“I enjoyed working with Craig very much. He knocked my Amazon product description out of the park. I’m sure he can do the same for you.”

Ruslan Semeniuc

What’s included with each Standard Amazon Product Description Listing:

(1) Keyword Rich Title

Please note: As of June 17, 2019, Amazon announced that it will begin to suppress listings with titles that do not adhere to their terms of service. All titles that I create are mobile friendly and compliant to the best of my knowledge.


Up to (5) Attention Getting Bullet Points

Designed to highlight the most important features/benefits of your product. The character limit will depend on your product category.


High Conversion Product Description

Customers rarely read descriptions. Instead, they scan the content looking for things most important to them (You know… the what’s in it for me mindset). This section will be written and formatted to have high-scannability, while possessing a specific tone to match your brand and product. (Max character/byte limit of 1999)


Collection of Keywords for the Backend (Backend Keywords)

Providing up to 249 bytes of keywords to help the A9 direct traffic to your listing.


HTML Formatted Product Description Section (upon request)

Includes the usage of Amazon allowed basic formatting options.


Product Listing Score and Recommendations

You’re not just getting a highly effective copywriter. You’re getting someone who has a favorable interest in you doing well as a seller/brand. I’ll provide you with tips, tricks and recommendations on how to get the most out of your Amazon listing. Whether it be how to get it indexed on Google, or how to title your product images, I’m here to help. It’s simple really. The more products you sale, the more business opportunities for me. It’s a win/win!


Total Confidentiality

I never share your information or listing content with others without your permission.


Simplistic Delivery

All content is delivered in a Word document. This makes it easy for you or your team to simply copy and paste.



Prior to beginning the project, first time clients will receive a 3 page customized 4K Creative Brief. This document has traditionally been utilized by huge advertising firms for multi-million dollar ad campaigns. I personally use them for research purposes, providing me with a clear understanding of your brand and customer base.

A Quick Note:

I am not a content mill. Nor do I provide rush orders or same-day services.
Due to my current project schedule, the current turnaround time is
*approximately* 14 days from the time I receive everything needed to perform your listing optimization.

*This page is updated when delivery times change.

4K Copywriting Standard Product Listing Content for Amazon
$84.00 USD
Includes (1) title, (5) bullet points, (1) standard description, 249 bytes of backend keywords
(SEE Standard Amazon Product Description Listing for further detail.


4K Copywriting Standard Product Listing Content for Amazon BUNDLE PACKAGE
$77.00 USD (per listing)
Includes everything from the Standard Product Listing (per item) at a discounted rate for listing bundles with 10 or more items or variations.
(SEE Standard Amazon Product Description Listing for further detail.


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