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Struggling to stand out in the Amazon marketplace?  

I'll optimize your listings so the right customers find your products and click "buy" – even when competitors are undercutting you. It's time to give those copycat competitors a run for their money.


The Bad News: The Amazon marketplace is packed with competitors. With millions of active sellers, it's getting harder to stand out.

The Good News: Most sellers don't invest in properly optimized listings. This is your chance to gain a serious advantage!

A Problem:  Keywords alone won't win you sales. You need a combination of persuasive copywriting, branding, and Amazon-specific SEO to truly succeed.

A Solution:  I'll cut through the Amazon noise. My expertise helps you ditch the gimmicks and focus on what actually drives conversions. Forget about generic descriptions – let's craft content that highlights your unique value and gets shoppers to click "buy".

“Craig was great to work with! He’s very professional and works through ideas and talks through trhe process and design decisions.”

Tristan David, Brand Owner, Amazon Seller

“I enjoyed working with Craig very much. He knocked my Amazon product description out of the park. I’m sure he can do the same for you.”

Ruslan Semeniuc, Brand Owner, Amazon Seller

What’s included with each Standard Amazon Product Description Listing:

  • Optimized Title: I'll craft a title that attracts the right shoppers and follows Amazon guidelines.

  • Persuasive Bullet Points: Highlight your product's best features in a way that grabs attention and drives clicks.

  • High-Conversion Description: Easy-to-read, benefit-focused text that turns shoppers into buyers.

  • Backend Keywords: Target the right search terms to boost your listing's visibility.

  • Formatting (Optional): I can add HTML formatting for a polished, professional look.

  • Listing Optimization Tips: Get actionable advice to maximize your product's success on Amazon.

  • Confidentiality: Your information and content are safe with me.

  • Easy Delivery: Copy-and-paste ready content for a smooth process.

  • BONUS: New clients receive a personalized Creative Brief to ensure I understand your brand and target audience.

Important Note:

To ensure the best results for your listings, I prioritize quality over speed.  My current turnaround time is approximately 14 days from the time I receive all the necessary project information.

Why the wait?  I take the time to understand your products, brand, and target audience. This personalized approach ensures you get compelling content that drives sales – not just fast, generic descriptions.

*Delivery times are updated regularly to reflect my current workload.

4K Copywriting Standard Product Listing Content for Amazon
$89.00 USD
Includes (1) Keyword Rich Title, (5) Kyeword Rich Bullet Points, (1) Product Description, 249 bytes of backend keywords
(SEE Standard Amazon Product Description Listing for further detail.


4K Copywriting Standard Product Listing Content for Amazon BUNDLE PACKAGE
$79.00 USD (per listing)
Includes everything from the Standard Product Listing (per item) at a discounted rate for listing bundles with 10 or more items or variations.
(SEE Standard Amazon Product Description Listing for further detail.


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