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5 Ways to Create Compelling Website Copy

Be Clear

Today’s shopper prefers to scan through web copy. The intent is not only to reduce browsing time, but to increase the efficiency of their online search. Without even trying, their eyes will go directly to the pain and pleasure points that address their individual needs. So, make sure your web content is properly formatted, easy to skim through and understand. There’s no bigger turnoff than scrolling through unhelpful, cluttered content.

Be Concise

Know who your target audience is and communicate why/how your product will enrich their lives. If you’re telling a brand story, get to the point. Try creating content with the “so what’s in it for them” mindset.

Be Engaging

Understand and embrace the diversity of your target audience. Communicate your features and benefits knowing that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Don’t just create content that looks or sounds good. Make sure it’s meaningful for your readers.

Be Authoritative

Help customers understand that you’re the knowledgeable expert and that your products (or services) were designed to solve specific problems. Stay away for hyperbole or brand embellishments. You’ll find more success and loyalty by sticking to the facts.

Be Persuasive

Develop content that leads your target audience towards a desired action (like, subscribe, purchase, etc). This requires outlining an issue, presenting a solution and then recommending the next step towards nirvana… aka... asking for the business.

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