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How to Create Buyer Profiles for High Conversion Product Descriptions

Have you ever tried completing a project without an objective?

Needless to say, it can be a pretty daunting task with no end in sight.

Developing high conversion product descriptions without a detailed understanding of your target audience can be just as challenging.

You see, I’m a firm believer of developing content with a "buyer type" in mind.

Because it’s nearly impossible to communicate your features and benefits without knowing who they’ll benefit.

And while I’d recommended creating a buyer profile prior to product conception, for many sellers this step is strictly an afterthought - Taken seriously only after experiencing disappointing sales numbers.

The good news is… It’s never too late to fine-tune your product description for specific targeted buyers.

But before you begin revamping your product descriptions, we'll need to customize it for your ideal customer.

So, let's start by asking a few simple questions... with some not-so-simple answers.

The Who, Where, What, When & Why

Buyer Profile Basics:

Who are you selling to? You’ll want to explore demographics such as age, gender, education, income, hobbies, professional interest and how they relate to your product. For example, I’ve seen retailers price themselves out of the conversation by selling the “budget friendly” angle to high end clientele. People shopping for luxury items generally believe in the premise, "You get what you pay for." If price isn’t an issue, why make it one?

Where are they? Is your ideal customer centrally located? Are you targeting a specific region within the US, or are you looking to expand your reach internationally? If location doesn’t play a pivotal role in terms of shopping for your goods (because they can purchase online), could locale make them less or more of a target due to their localized resources? You wouldn't market an ice maker to an Eskimo would you?

What exactly are you selling? I'm not referring to the product type. I mean... What solution does your product offer? In what way will it add value to their lives? What will it give them? Perhaps a peace of mind, improved health, or an opportunity to earn more money? Remember, customers ultimately aren’t interested in your product. They’re interested in what it can do for them. My clients aren’t paying me to develop a ton of pretty sounding words that convert into product descriptions. They pay me to increase visibility, improve customer engagement and produce higher click conversions. In other words... they pay me for results. What results do your products produce?

When will they need it? Will they only use your product when a problem presents itself? Is it to be utilized as a means of prevention? Is it something they'll use every day of the week? When you fully comprehend the variety of ways (and occasions) in which your product can be used, it makes addressing actual wants, needs and desires that much easier.

Why should they care? This is probably the most important step in the process. So important, that I’ve decided to expand upon it a bit further below.

Why Ask Why? (the conversation)

Because my product is made with double walled borosilicate glass.

Why should I care?

Because borosilicate glassware provides optimal clarity and is not susceptible to thermal shock or extreme temperature changes like your normal drinking glass.

And why should I care about that?

Because it means you can use our double wall glasses for both, hot and cold beverages. Heck, you can even watch your favorite drink being warmed up in the microwave and then safely drink it with a cool-to-the-touch handle.

Why would that be important to me?

Because ultimately, this saves you time and money from purchasing additional drinkware. It also means eliminating a crowded cabinet full of cups and glasses that you rarely use. You’ll no longer need to purchase separate drinkware for different beverages or occasions. Imagine being able to drink your cold brew, hot coffee and coffee martini in the same high quality drinking glass.

Why… Oh! Okay! That’s actually pretty cool.

By asking why, you’ll get the answers needed to influence your target audience and convert sales.

For my own product writing, I won't advance towards the writing phase until after I have a complete understanding of whom I'm writing to. This entails providing my clients with a customized copy/creative brief to help initiate my target audience research.

However, for all of you DIY retailers and Amazon sellers, it's important that you remember one thing: Your biggest asset as a business owner is knowing your product better than anyone else. Only you know your backend cost, quality, craftsmanship and other fine details.

Once you learn and outline the Five W's of buyer profiling, you'll be able to create content that fulfills their wants and desires. You'll generate more sales. Your business will grow. And you'll be able to afford my services.

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